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Deploying the largest subsea fiber-optic cable system ever

Deploying the largest subsea fiber-optic cable system ever

The launch of 2Africa enables us to offer our customers seamless connection between Africa and Europe, together with our SEA-ME-WE 5 and AAE-1 subsea cable resources to further extend to Asia, which is an important milestone of our global development strategy,” said Jessica Gu, Director & Chief Technology Officer of China Mobile International. “The utmost capacity and faster transmission allows us to satisfy the needs of African nations today and in the future, reflecting our firm commitment to building a global digital life.

Jessica Gu
Director & CTO
China Mobile International

MTN GlobalConnect is delighted to participate in this bold 2Africa subsea cable project. This initiative complements MTN GlobalConnect’s terrestrial fibre strategy to connect African countries to each other and to the rest of the world. We are proud to be playing a key role in providing the benefits of a modern connected life – a core MTN belief.

Frédéric Schepens


MTN GlobalConnect

We’re excited to be collaborating with our 2Africa partners on the most comprehensive subsea cable that will serve the continent. 2Africa is a major element of our ongoing investment in Africa to bring more people online to a faster internet. We’ve seen first-hand the positive impact that increased connectivity has on communities, from education to healthcare. We know that economies flourish when there is widely accessible internet for businesses. 2Africa is a key pillar supporting this tremendous internet expansion as part of Africa’s surging digital economy.

Najam Ahmad

VP, Network Infrastructure


As one of the world’s leading multi-service telecommunications operators and present in 18 countries in Africa and the Middle East, it was natural for Orange to be part of the 2Africa project. This major investment will complete our existing submarine and pan-African terrestrial infrastructures to provide access to international connectivity in a redundant fashion throughout the west coast of Africa. It will enable Orange to securely meet the demand for increased bandwidth necessary for the continued digital development of regions throughout the 2Africa system.

Alioune Ndiaye


Orange Middle East and Africa

STC is delighted to be a Partner in 2Africa. The 2Africa cable will be integrated into STC’s MENA Gateway (MG1) datacentre in Jeddah, enabling customers to access our extensive international content and extend their regional connectivity through STC terrestrial geo-mesh network that extends to all neighboring countries. This will undoubtedly play a significant role in enhancing STC's international network capabilities, whilst also positioning STC as a leading regional digital player in the MENA region. The partnership demonstrates STC’s commitment, in line with Saudi Vision 2030, to deliver meaningful digital transformation and build a digital society for all.

Mohammed A. Alabbadi

Wholesale VP


Telecom Egypt’s contribution to 2Africa marks an important milestone in our endeavor to contribute to digital transformation in Africa. Egypt’s relationship with African states has and will always be one of Egypt's top priorities, it extends here to align with Egypt’s strategy to contribute in the current development in Africa. For years, we have accomplished tangible steps in revamping our international infrastructure and increasing our assets' geodiversity in order to keep pace with the rising global demand for large bandwidth and global reach. We trust that 2Africa will be a rich addition to our diversified investments in the subsea cable industry.

Adel Hamed

Managing Director and CEO
Telecom Egypt

Improving connectivity for Africa is a significant step which lays the groundwork for increased digitalisation across the continent,” said Vinod Kumar, CEO Vodafone Business. “2Africa will give local businesses and consumers a better online experience while more connectivity between Africa, Europe and the Middle East will help to build a wider, more inclusive digital society across the globe. We’re delighted to work with our partners in the project to help deliver this.

Vinod Kumar


Vodafone Business

For over a decade WIOCC has been the hyperscale capacity provider for Africa, based upon a strategy of ongoing strategic investment in key subsea and terrestrial infrastructure. Participation in 2Africa continues this commitment to providing large capacity users with the resilient network they need to support their customers' ever-growing bandwidth requirements. Our investment both future-proofs our network capabilities and provides additional resilience to maximize uptime for our critical infrastructure.

Chris Wood



From our partners

If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.


2Africa deployment is underway

2Africa is now landing across 3 continents and will be ready for service in most places as early as 2023.

Why we do what we do

We believe that access to broadband is essential for sustainable growth and development because communities and economies flourish when there is widely accessible internet.

Featured news

First cable landing:

Genoa, Italy

Golden buoy location

Completed landing locations

Planned landing locations

2Africa announced the first landing of the 2Africa cable in Genoa, Italy. The landing sets the tone for more landings in the coming months as the cable is extended to a total of 46 locations.

PARTNERS: Vodafone, the 2Africa landing party in Genoa, has partnered with Equinix to land the cable directly into the Equinix Carrier Neutral Data Center (CNDC), with Retelit delivering the fronthaul.

Italy – Genoa: 13 & 22 April 2022

Djibouti - Ras Dika: 12 May 2022

Somaliland – Berbera: 25 May 2022

Egypt - Suez & Zafarana: 01 & 16 October 2022

Spain – Barcelona: 25 October 2022

France – Marseille: 06 & 26 November 2022

Egypt - Ras Ghareb: 20 November 2022

South Africa – Yzerfontein: 06 December 2022

South Africa – Duynefontein: 08 December 2022

Kenya – Mombasa: 08 & 14 December 2022

Saudi Arabia - Jeddah & Yanbu: 04 & 16 January 2023

Comores – Moroni: 12 January 2023

South Africa - Port Elizabeth: 21 January 2023

Tanzania - Dar Es Salaam: 28 January 2023

Mozambique – Maputo: 31 January 2023

Madagascar – Mahajanga: 05 February 2023

South Africa – Amanzimtoti: 05 February 2023

Mozambique - Nacala : 03 April 2023

Egypt - Port Said: 16 April 2023

Seychelles - Anse NE: 20 April 2023

Angola - Luanda (PLSE): 30 July 2023

Congo - Point Noire (PLSE): 17 August 2023

DRC - Muanda (PLSE): 21 September 2023

Ghana - Accra (PLSE): 27 October 2023

Somalia – Mogadishu: 01 November 2023

Gabon - Libreville (PLSE): 09 November 2023

Spain - Gran Canaria: 12 December 2023

Nigeria - Lagos (PLSE): 07 February 2024

Nigeria - Qua Iboe (PLSE): 20 February 2024

Portugal – Carcavelos: 12 March 2024


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